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What is quality control in a licensing agreement?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Image Likeness Licensing

If you play professional football, you will probably consider signing a licensing agreement that will allow companies to use your likeness on clothes, mugs and other merchandise. While this can be an exciting time for you and your fans, you should be confident that licensees will promote your image through quality goods.

It is important to know how your licensing agreement will protect your brand from damage from inferior products. As Inc explains, many licensing contracts provide for quality control enforcement.

Ways you may check product quality

Creating merchandise involves multiple steps before reaching the final product. A quality control provision could let you see the initial stages of the production process, such as how the company will depict you on its products. You may also view a product prototype before it enters mass production.

Quality control can extend to product packaging. You might wish to see a mockup of the package that will contain your merchandise. Licensing agreements can also grant licensors the right to receive samples of finished products for as long as the contract is in effect.

Checking the background of a licensee

Licensors often do their best quality control before signing a licensing agreement by making sure a prospective licensee is reputable. A company that has a history of manufacturing shoddy products might not produce the quality merchandise that you expect. Also, if a possible licensee seems to get into arguments and lawsuits frequently, you may end up ensnared in time wasting disputes and even legal action.

Licensing agreements will vary

Sports contracts are not all the same. Through negotiation, you may tailor your agreement to protect your interests before licensing your likeness. If you feel positive about the kinds of products that bear your image, there is a good chance your fans will delight in buying your merchandise.