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What unexpected ways can TBIs manifest?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Brain injuries are something that the medical field is only just now starting to understand. For that reason, many of the new things discovered confuse and surprise even medical professionals.

Other information may be a shock to the general public. This can include the strange ways traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can manifest, such as through changed personality and behaviors of the victim.

Changes in personality

Mayo Clinic looks into different ways that traumatic brain injuries can manifest. TBIs look different in every person, even if the injury is in the same area of the brain. However, many similarities also occur from case to case.

For example, victims who suffer from damage to the frontal lobe tend to have trouble with impulse and emotional regulation because that is what the frontal lobe controls.

This often leads to the victim exhibiting such a change in personality that it comes as a shock not only to them but to their loved ones who have to see the changes in action.

Sudden and uncharacteristic aggression

A common example involves a victim without any history of violence or aggression suddenly becoming the sort of person who lashes out at others with little provocation. They might also seem easier to irritate or anger in general.

This is another effect due to damage to the emotional regulatory component of the brain. A victim can no longer fully control those emotions, leading to uncharacteristic outbursts.

Many return to a base level closer to their original personality as they heal, but the changes are more permanent for others, which is a major source of stress.