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Brain trauma caused by car crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Getting into a car crash can lead to head trauma, which in turn may lead to brain trauma and injury.

Understanding the signs of brain trauma is crucial in such situations, as it allows for the medical workers responding in the emergency to know what they are working with.

How brain injuries happen

Mayo Clinic discusses the cause of brain trauma in car crashes. Brain trauma in car crashes may sometimes happen due to penetration wounds, depending on the type of accident that occurred. However, it is much more common for a victim to suffer from blows to the head, which cause the brain to hit the inside of the skull. This can result in swelling, bruising and bleeding inside the brain.

Signs of injury will usually manifest in both physical and mental ways. The more mild an injury, the harder it is to spot the potential signs. However, brain injuries in crashes usually range from moderate to severe.

Behavioral red flags

A victim may seem confused, disoriented, agitated, or even angry. They could lash out at others around them. They might adamantly refuse medical help, or any help at all. They may also forget about the incident leading up to the injury.

Physical red flags

Regarding physical issues, they might struggle with motor control, mobility, balance and coordination. Some victims will suffer from extreme head pain that worsens or maintains with time.

Others have sensory issues, including ringing in the ears or visual disturbances. These issues may last for an extended period of time and can serve as a big tip-off that something is wrong.