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Reviewing statistics on pedestrian fatalities

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2023 | Personal Injury

When compared to those riding in passenger vehicles, pedestrians become particularly vulnerable during an accident. Many pedestrian accident victims suffer severe injuries, and these incidents also claim many lives. Tragically, pedestrians continue to die in accidents that occur because of the negligence of others, such as drivers who speed around sharp turns, fail to stop and use their phones while driving.

It is pivotal for drivers and pedestrians to go over data on fatal pedestrian accidents in order to realize the scope of this serious problem and prioritize accident prevention.

Data on pedestrian deaths

Statistics presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that more than 7,300 pedestrians lost their lives in deadly accidents over the course of 2021. Sadly, pedestrian fatalities went up 13% from 2020 to 2021. These deadly crashes continue to take place for many reasons, such as drivers who become intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs, bad weather, low visibility, speeding and failure to yield.

The aftermath of a deadly pedestrian accident

Fatal pedestrian accidents can leave entire families with a number of immediate and long-term hardships. Many family members feel hopeless and find themselves in a state of shock right after a deadly accident, unsure of what to do next. Hospital bills, funeral costs and other sources of financial strain can make it even harder for families to work through a tragic loss.

Unfortunately, the emotional pain of losing a loved one in a pedestrian accident can haunt people for the rest of their lives, which underlines the importance of holding negligent drivers answerable.